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Using technology to augment global mobility

With the complete assignment management software

Introducing augmented global mobility

The right technical platform is crucial for business in that it must contain the right capabilities, be operationally efficient, financially viable and sustainable for the future. One of the biggest challenges is the obstacle of legacy systems and, traditionally, the inability to get systems to 'talk' to each other.
Image of laptop with Mai-assignment demo


This is no different in Human Resources (HR) than any other part of the business. In fact, it could be argued that HR has been particularly slow to take on new technology, relying too heavily on the main HRIS systems.

Centre of Excellence

In a world with greater use of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and outsourcing, the network, or ecosystem, is becoming more devolved. The use of advances in technology, such as RESTful APIs for systems to communicate in a fast and easy way, become more important in making the connections.

Extensive eco system

In the global mobility community, our network is extensive - both inside the organisation and with external parties. At MAI we believe that we have the tools to enable you to add greater strategic value to the business.

Managing your global workforce

Ways of working have evolved and how organisations and employees work internationally has changed with it. For global mobility teams, business travellers have been unwanted guests, but increased compliance obligations and corporate risk profile has meant that they can no longer be ignored.
Image of users and profiles with mai-assignmnet
Image of Moveassist International employee at work

Augmenting the employee experience

The employee experience has often been outsourced to relocation service providers who frequently do an excellent job in supporting employees and their families. We are seeing the use of technology in this industry providing innovative ways to engage with the employee and giving them control of their move.

Financial management is more than just a cost estimate

Cost has been a significant focus of organisations over the last decade and we have seen mobility come under significant pressure to reduce, or at least justify, cost. However organisations have been slow to take up or develop this critical service.
Sample graph visual of cost estimate dervied from mai-assignmnet

Strategic influence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more readily available and can be used to harness this complex data. AI is not solely for finanacial analysis and is already available in global mobility. AI can come in many forms and below are two examples that can assist global mobility:
Hello Marvin, how can I help you?
where is my shipment?
Your shipment is due to arrive in Sydney on 20 Sep 2016. It will be delivered to your new home on 25 Sep 2016.
phone the agent
It is 8:14PM in the agent location, Sydney. They are unlikely to answer; should I email instead?


Chatbots to support the global mobility team as an additional 24/7 resource - enhancing the employee experience, answering questions and guiding them to information that they need - addressing the mundane questions you could do without.


Using predicitive analytics - the analysis of huge volumes of data to enable future predictions - from simpler aspects like demographics and cost forecasting to more complex analysis about who is the best candidate for a move, most likely to succeed and what support they may need.

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